Friday, 19 December 2014

Our review of The Dinosaur that pooped series


This morning we received the amazing Dinosaur that pooped series to review. They were written by Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher from Mcbusted, one of my favourite bands. We already have The dinosaur that pooped Christmas as Santa placed it under the tree for the boys last year. Alfie and Thomas absolutely loved it and must have read it at least twenty times. They are typical boys who love dinosaurs and grossness so these books are perfect.

The boys sat in my bed this morning for ages reading and laughing at each story. Alfie especially loved The dinosaur that pooped the past. It sees Danny and his dinosaur friend take a trip back through history on a time travelling swing.  They meet new dinosaur friends along the way and stumble across an active volcano.
Thomas is reading The dinosaur that pooped a planet below. The back of the book reads: In space, No one can smell your poop... One boy. One space rocket. One very hungry dinosaur. And NO sandwiches. The ingredients for an explosive adventure. But how will Danny get home when his dinosaur eats their rocket? Thomas verdict on the book was that it was very funny and he loved the page where it just says 'POO'. He shouts it out very loud so not the best idea to read this book out in public. 
The next book is The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas. The back reads: Season's Eatings. Danny wants everything for christmas. But what he gets is a dinosaur, a very hungry dinosaur. Danny's new dino eats up all of Christmas, but as we all know, what goes in must come out. Danny is about to have the most explosive christmas of his life! There's poop, presents and prehistoric creatures in this festive feast. The book is extremely funny and I guess has the hidden message, don't to be so spoilt at Christmas! 

Overall, the boys found these books very fun to read and will happily read them over and over again. The words within the book rhyme which makes for an even more interesting read. Also the illustrations are gorgeous and tell the stories well, especially if your child is still finding reading a little difficult. We would definitely recommend the Dinosaur that pooped series to any child with a good sense of humour and who finds reading boring. These will make you chuckle and is completely different to anything we have seen before. 
Also Random house was kind enough to send the boys some dinosaur themed activity sheets which they have had great fun completing today. You can download your activity sheets through the Random house website here. There is also a fun game on their website which we have become very competitive at.

Gem, Alfie and Tom x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Throwback thursday: Saturday on the farm, A lifestyle post


Today I thought it would be a great idea to participate in the weekly throwback thursdays and share a post from march last year. I used to write a fashion and lifestyle blog which I unfortunately failed at but this was my most popular post on the site. We used to live in Hampshire before moving back to Cornwall where I grew up. The boys and I regularly visited a little farm near our home just outside of Basingstoke called Millers Ark. It was a great petting farm and always had new babies to cuddle. This post is mainly photographs from our day. 

As you can see from our family pictures, the farm allows a lot of interaction with the animals. Every pen had a staff member ushering you in to stroke, hold and brush the animals. This has to be our favourite part as most farms don't allow you to do this. This constant interaction makes the animals extremely friendly and tame, preventing those tears when animals have a little nip.
After all the excitement and a thorougher hand scrub, we visited the lovely heated barn they had for a sausage bap and cake. The food was so welcome as our hands were slightly frozen by this point but overall we had a really lovely day. I would definitely recommend visiting if you are ever around the area.

Gem xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wicked Wednesdays

Alfie didn't want to pose for a photo so he tried to run away, I caught him!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Diary: Mount Edgcumbe christmas fayre


This weekend the annual Mount Edgcumbe Christmas fayre was being held. Literally everyone in the surrounding area looks forward to it. It is on both Saturday and Sunday and attracts thousands of people every year.  Mount Edgcumbe is a large country estate just outside Plymouth, Devon which we love to visit often. The gardens are gorgeous and make for a lovely Sunday walk.  

As it was so busy today, we had to park at the bottom of the hill which is a bit of an effort to walk up. My sister in particular found it difficult as she is eight months pregnant. She did so well today though. When we reached the house where the fayre was being held we had to pay a small entrance fee but was very reasonable at £3 considering the size of the fayre. The first room in the house was so stunning. It was the house's grand foyer which had the local ladies choir singing hymns on the stairway beside a beautiful Christmas tree. I am sorry if any of my photos below are slightly blurry. It was so so busy in the house and I was continually being knocked about by people trying to get past. 

The fayre was full of local craft stalls selling gorgeous christmassy gifts. We found ourselves heading more for the food stalls though which is typical of us. My sister and her mother in law brought a carrier bag full of exotic meats for their dinners. These were kangaroo steaks, Zebra sausages, wild boar and venison. I have tried these before and are actually really nice. My eyes were drawn mainly towards the condiment section. I love homemade sauces especially when they are made in Cornwall. 

Outside the main part of the fayre was some great stalls for the children to see. They had the local donkey sanctuary which the kids fell in love with and check out the donkey's cute costumes. They also had a lovely little naivety scene with baby Jesus in his crib, three wise men and their camels.

Thomas found a stall selling pheasant feathers and he begged me to buy one for him. We could have gone up to the local fields and found one there but it was only 20p.

In the main square they had a children's entertainer doing a balancing trick. Unfortunately by this time the rain started to come pouring down so we couldn't stick about to watch.

To avoid the rain we headed back into the main tent to watch some cooking shows. I find these very interesting and it was a great way to pick up some tips for some great dinners.

Also in the main tent was the all important hog roast. They didn't disappoint and we enjoyed every bite.

We found another tent in the back of the house full of more Christmas gifts. I could relax more in this part as there was less people than in the house. I tend to get too anxious in large crowds. There was some beautiful Christmas centre pieces and tree decorations here but way too expensive for my budget.

Back down the giant hill to the car park
Overall, we had a lovely but exhausting day at the Mount Edgcumbe Christmas fayre. We couldn't wait to get home and under our blankets as it was a very chilly day. We definitely feel a lot more in the Christmas spirit though. 

Gem x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

My sunday photo/ Black and white photo project #6

Long walks above Cawsand, Cornwall

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Little Box by Fleur de Force, December edition

This morning I received a very exciting delivery from the postman, this months My little box! This is not a sponsored post, I thought I would put that out there first. I paid £11 +p&p for this amazing subscription box and after seeing this one, I will definitely keep paying every month. 

The first amazing thing i noticed when i took off its lid was that they had collaborated with one of my favourite You tubers Fleur de Force. I absolutely love her style and so knew this months products would be amazing. 

Here is what was inside:

 - Christmas gift wrapping essentials
As this is a december box, of course we are going to receive something christmassy. They had the great idea to give us a few essentials to help us make our christmas presents look amazing. The first item is a pack of pretty and well made cardboard gift tags. They are black, white and pastel which just happens to be my favourite combination of colours. As there is only one gift tag that says Merry Christmas, I could probably get away with using the rest for birthdays. I also received a little packet of masking tape which match the gift tags. Again these are not very christmassy so can be used for any type of present. I have only ever used boring cello tape so I am excited to jazz up my presents with these. The third product was a roll of black and white twine to decorate gifts with or to use with the gift tags. The roll is fairly large so will definitely last to next christmas. 

- Headband
In the box was a cute cardboard container with the words 'A present for you'. Inside was a cute woollen head band to keep my ears warm in these freezing cold months. 

- A bag of beauty products
As this was my first box, it was a massive surprise to me that inside was a trio of beauty goodies in a lovely drawstring bag. I received a Cowshed Body Lotion, My little box own statement red lipstick and L'Occitane Precious Cream deluxe sample. The L'Occitane is expensive at £45 for a full size and the Cowshead lotion is £18 for a full size so I am very excited to try these. 

- Art print
A print by Edna Ferber with the Quote 'Christmas isn't a season, It's a feeling'. I am planning to frame and place this on my bedroom self. 

My little world magazine
This magazine is amazing. It contained a lovely interview from Fleur who looked stunning in the pictures, festive D.I.Y's, nail art and recipes. 

Overall, My little box is in my opinion the best subscription box out there. You definitely get your moneys worth with the products inside. I truly recommend subscribing if you like a little treat in the mail now and again. 

Gem x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas Day 11: What does christmas mean to me?

To me, Christmas means Family. It is normally the one time of the year where we are all together. I don't tend to spend it in my own home as I am a single mum and need adults around me to prevent the loneliness setting in so we tend to go to my sisters home who does christmas to the max. She has married into a large family who have kindly taken me under their wing too and hopefully my dad will be coming too this year. Christmas is one of the few times of the year we can relax and not feel guilty at all if we just sit around and do absolutely nothing. Just being together and enjoying each others’ company is what it’s all about! 

Christmas to me also means the joy of giving. It doesn't have to be presents, it can be your love and time too. I pride myself on being a giver, not a taker. The smile on peoples faces brings me more joy than anything. Leading up to christmas, I love wrapping presents to christmas songs and try to my best to make them look special with ribbons and handmade tags. I always hope mine is the best wrapped present under the tree. 
Christmas treats: During december I also look forward to cosy pyjamas, hot chocolate and a tin of heroes! We have already demolished one tin meant for christmas, whoops! We have also become very addicted to mince pies. Alfie has to have one everyday for desert and gets upset with me if there is none left in the cupboard.  
Christmas traditions: Despite our family continually changing and having my own little family torn apart by divorce, I still try to be very strict about keeping to our family traditions but I understand I have to create a few news ones to adapt to our situation. My favourite tradition has to be the roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings, sporting the lovely paper hats and pretending to laugh at the cracker jokes. 
I am looking forward to creating more memories this year with my family who I love so much. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Gem x